Residential Painting Services

Stylize your home to give it a trendy, fresh look and set it apart from every other home on the block! Celebrate your personality and versatility with a fresh coat of paint. Wait no more. Get in touch with the pros at Wallpaint’s Painting in Lahore today!

At Wallpaint’s Painting, we are painters who don’t think of painting as a job, but as an art – art as important as interior design. The colors you choose for your home or office express who you are on a deeper level. The right colors make your home feel comfortable and personal.

That is why at Wallpaint’s Painting, we help you to express yourself and your personality, and we do it in an expert way. Our team has the expertise and skills needed to help you choose the specific colors that best express who you are. Once the colors are chosen, we carry out our painting in the most professional way possible. Our professional painters never begin working until we have provided you with a detailed up-front estimate, and you have accepted our proposal. Contact Wallpaint’s Painting in Lahore today to get started!


A new paint job is also the best way to protect your home from bad weather conditions. A fresh coat of high-quality paint with perfect finishing acts like a sealant. It protects your home from harsh weather elements like rain, hail, snow, and sleet. Latex paints provide homes with a thick seal protecting it for several years to come.

Here at Wallpaint’s Painting in Lahore, we make sure that your home looks beautiful when we are done with it. Additionally, our expert paint job protects your home from weather elements. We take care of trouble spots on the exterior of your home by caulking cracks where needed. When you hire us, we come to your paint project looking to enhance both the appearance of your home and its ability to withstand the weather. Contact us today to learn more!

Interior House Painting Services

Colour Envy Painting’s skilled Edmonton painters are ready to assist you with your interior paint job. From accent walls to full repaint jobs, we will help you achieve all your painting goals. At Colour Envy Painting, we ensure you enjoy a stress-free experience. We’ll take care of all aspects of your paint project, from painting to proper finishing to cleanup.

To provide excellent service, we never compromise on quality. We use high-quality paint from leading brands and pay close attention to even the tiniest details. We respect your space and ensure nothing gets damaged during the process. We will paint…


Baseboards & Crown Molding






Paneling & Wainscoting


To ensure the exterior of your home remains in top condition, we use high quality, fade- and water-resistant paints. We beautify and protect the exterior of your home through our superior painting services. At Colour Envy Painting, we are more than qualified to handle all of your exterior painting needs. Contact our team today for a free estimate!